I have issue to run application on Expo. Application created from scratch in Expo XDK returns red screen with the following log:
undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘ExponentKeepAwake.activate’)


Is some thing wrong with configuration?

Hey @boomza,

Can you share the code that throws this error? It’s hard to provide help if we can’t see how you’re invoking the function/using the API.



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But it is init code from Expo. I did not change anything.
And error is in Expo. I do not see any entries in log for Init code.

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean. The KeepAwake module isn’t included in our new project source code. Are you saying you’ve made no changes to the code after creating a new project and it is throwing this error?

I just recreated project using Expo XDE. Cache is clear. Emulator has been restarted - same issue.
No proxy or firewall. Direct connection.
I can share screen if you have WebEx or so.

@boomza Sorry you are having this error :frowning: To clarify:

You created a completely new project in XDE, and without making any changes, you are seeing the error undefined is not an object when you try to load it in the simulator.

If this is true, could you give us some additional information to help solve the problem:

  1. The simulator/device you are using to view your app (ie) Genymotion, Apple Simulator, etc
  2. Your os (ie) Windows 10, etc
  3. Screenshots of the red screen stack trace, or anything you think will help
  4. Any additional steps you took to get the error, if any


I am using Android simulator from Android Studio on windows 10.
But I think I found an issue. I changed Boot options from Quick boot on Cold boot. and it works now.


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So we can close this issue. It was cache in emulator I guess.


I found the issue. It is cache and network.
I assumed that if I built package I can debug and work with code locally without internet.
If I turn of internet after starting emulator - the error above has been produced.

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