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I currently have iOS and Android apps in their respective app stores and I want to clarify how expo:publish works.

I have read through the docs a few times and I think I understand the concept of expo OTA, and how Android gets updated, and how iOS blocks the url.

However, I did an expo publish and it seems that my live iOS app immediately had the fix as well as my android app…am I missing something? Isn’t this not supposed to work? Don’t I need to go through app review?

Im more concerned in my ignorance that I will break Apple’s ToS … can someone please clarify?

Also, if I am indeed in the wrong here, what is a good workflow to get around expo:publish issues and iOS.


Hey @ohope,

When you publish, it creates an android and ios bundle and uploads it to the CDN so both versions will receive updates. As long as you don’t make changes that deceive the user or fundamentally change the purpose of the app such as creating a calculator app and then pushing an OTA that makes it a cryptocurrency-related app, it is completely within Apple’s guidelines.

There are some changes that require you to make a new build and submit to the app stores for review which you can read about here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v32.0.0/workflow/publishing/#limitations




Thank you very much for the clarification! I would suggest you add a disclaimer somewhere to make it more clear!

Its a very nice feature!

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