ExpoKit crash EXC_BAD_ACCESS

ExpoKit crash EXC_BAD_ACCESS

ExpoKit crashes on -at least- iPhone 8. Tracing down error logs, Sentry gives no feedback, but the phone’s log shows


and then
Thread 5 crashed with ARM Thread State (64-bit)
which corresponds to
Dispatch queue: com.apple.NSURLSession-work

Basically ExpoKit is requesting data to an invalid address, which makes the app crash.
This error raises when the app is foregrounded and some other app is opened at the same time (not any other app, but some, like FB).


sdk 27
exp 54.0.1
iOS 11.3
iPhone 8

Steps to Reproduce

Download EGT from the App store

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Follow seen on this video https://we.tl/onXdv09jGb

Expected Behavior

We expect the app not to crash, or in any case give some feedback to the end user.

Actual Behavior

The app crashes and fails to start straight away back again.

Reproducible Demo

Follow the steps of the video https://we.tl/onXdv09jGb

Since this is an ExpoKit build, are you able to build from source and run with a debugger attached from Xcode? If you reproduce the error with this setup your debugger should pause with a stacktrace at the exact error. Should be more debuggable that way.

well, thing is that this bug reproduces on iPhone 8 on all of my users who got that phone.
but I haven’t got one myself. So I’m looking onto adding crashlytics or fabric to get those, without detaching.

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