ExpoKit App Loading Time

Hey guys!

So I’ve looked through the forums and read your answer here: App loading time on a similar issue. However, all the suggestions seem to be for apps that have not yet been detached.

The load times for my testers are a bit too long as things stand, particularly as there are not many assets on initial load. From what I can tell, ExpoKit is requesting the entire bundle every time the app starts up, rather than accessing a previously cached version, which would be the preferred behavior.

In the configuration files, under the “updates” section, it says: “Note that this will not work out of the box with ExpoKit projects.” I also saw something called “loadJSinbackground experimental” but it is now deprecated. What do I need to do to add this functionality?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @estesjl! Please see this guide https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/configuring-ota-updates about configuring updates.

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@jesse I was actually aware of this documentation and the updates section of app.json. My confusion really stems from the differing procedures for detached apps. For example, there is a line in this documentation which says “Note that this will not work out of the box with Expokit projects” and I assumed it meant you cannot change update behavior in app.json after detaching. But this is not the case?

As you know, this is a common issue with Expokit, where changes in app.json are not picked up (i.e. changing the icon) and these changes must be done manually in Xcode and Android Studio, so I wasn’t sure if this was one such area.

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