Expokit android apk build question


I’m trying to add an external library to my android Expokit project, but keep receiving an UnsatisfiedLinkError during runtime. To diagnose this problem, I’ve tried building the apk and unpackaging it. It looks like release/lib/ contains two folders armeabi-v7a and x86. The library I’m trying to access in my project is in libs/armeabi/“myFile”.so. This folder is nowhere to be seen in the built apk. Also inside armeabi-v7a contains files such as libexponent.so, libyoga.so, etc which leads me to believe that the lib folder is being generated by one of expokits build scripts. How would I go about packaging my armeabi/“libraryIWantToAdd” with the lib files generated by expokit so that I can see them in the generated apk and access the library I need at runtime.


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