ExpoKit 27 Upgrade Android issue

I follow the docs to upgrade from sdk 26 and I got this error during build on android studio:

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:exponentPrebuildStep'.
> A problem occurred starting process 'command './detach-scripts/prepare-detached-build.sh''

Update: SOLVED by:

In app/build.gradle,
replace all “prepare-detached-build” to “run-exp” like the following:

task exponentPrebuildStep(type: Exec) {
  workingDir '../'
  if (System.getProperty('os.name').toLowerCase().contains('windows')) {
    commandLine 'cmd', '/c', '.\\detach-scripts\\run-exp.bat'
  } else {
    commandLine './detach-scripts/run-exp.sh'
preBuild.dependsOn exponentPrebuildStep
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thanks for sharing your solution!

I used a different approach to resolve the same issue. I ended up following the one-time instructions towards the bottom of Updating ExpoKit to SDK 27 to resolve it.

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