Expo XDE not showing connected device

Connected my device to my laptop and still the Expo XDE shows “No devices connected”. This happens infrequently. I also need help loading an image to the expo…added the image to the same folder as the js handling the screen.

Hello there! XDE shows “connected” when you are serving your Expo project from XDE and the project is currently running on that device. Can you clarify what you mean by “Connected my device to my laptop” ?

For loading an image, I suggest starting here. Hope that’s helpful!

I connected my phone to my laptop via usb. But expo still shows “No devices connected”. Usually i start the project and give it time about 5 minutes before Expo Detects my device and shows the connected device in my case “HTC_One_M8” from there i can develop, my problem is this happens infrequently. Mind you i’m in the country side for the holidays so i tether a Wi-Fi hotspot from the same device.

As you can see from the screenshot it’s deploying to the connected android device (But shows no connected devices) on the android device it indicates “Building Javascript Bundle… 100%” and is stuck on the splash screen.


Like @ben mentioned, “connected” in this context doesn’t mean connected by a cable to your computer, but connected by the network to your computer and running your app in the Expo client.

You should be able to load things without connecting your computer to your phone via a wire, just by using either the LAN URL or the tunnel URL.

If you’re stuck on the splash screen, are you seeing any errors or notices in XDE?

Takes a while before I see any errors… probably coz of my connection speed. I’m thinking of using Genymotion and serving from localhost. Any faster suggestions would be welcome. Also is there away to quickly iterate on the UI on expo/react…you know like how Android studio has a design view/ionic using the web browser?

If you have a modern version of Android (5+) and connect it with USB so that it’s in debugging mode (make sure you can connect to it with adb), XDE/exp should run adb reverse so that when your device opens a connection to localhost on a specific port, it actually gets forwarded to a chosen port on your computer. This is much faster since the connection goes over USB instead of the internet.

If your device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer, most Wi-Fi routers (but maybe not enterprise ones or ones with intranet firewalls) will let you connect using the LAN IP option.

You can try hot reloading for faster UI iteration but it is not as reliable as reloading the entire app each time.

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