Expo won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device

I am using genymotion,


found the answer:

but it didnt work, App crashes, when i try to load the view with map.

Any other way ?

hey harry, can you send me a screenshot of the device you have installed on genymotion?


hey @harryp, does the solution on this stackoverflow thread help? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31890714/my-application-relies-google-play-services-which-is-not-supported-by-your-devic

Had the same issue, after much troubleshooting, I came across this very easy solution:

Note that for that to work, you should have the latest version of Genymotion installed; the latest version had a bugfix on the “download Open GApps” widget.

Hope that helps!

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Maybe you should try using these tips?
I guess this will do the job.