Expo Web CLI is broken ?


I’ve tried this morning to initialize a expo web project and build it, but i’m facing this :

I’ve run these commands :

  • expo init (then fill my infos)
  • expo start
  • expo build:web

cd web-build && python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

also tried

http-server ./web-build

FYI, it does work on local with expo start. :confused:

Really sorry about this.

Deep scope analysis was rewritten and only the patch version was bumped. I suspect this could be what broke web builds.

Already pushed a fix https://github.com/expo/expo-cli/pull/796 it will hopefully be fixed in the next release.

With semver it’s common practice to allow any patch version in your dependency (which is what I did with deep scope). But this assumes that library authors don’t release breaking changes as patches but rather as major versions.


It’s totally fine :wink: we know it’s still in beta and that you’re actively working on it.
Thanks for your hard work. You’re just the GOAT :fist:

Will wait for the patch !

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@bacon How can i be notified when the fixes is released ?

I have disabled tree-shaking in this PR. I’ll be working on adding it back to as it drastically reduces the bundle size.

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