Expo web build shows white screens, but components are there

Hi, I have this expo app that is available on ios, android and web.
During the development and in the native apps I found no problems. When I build the web part with expo build:web, upload it on the server and open the webpage there are some screens (doesn’t look like they have anything in common) that are completely white.

If I open the inspector though, I can find every single component on the page with the correct styling and in the correct position, the strange thing is that they are all invisible (apart from the header).

The pictures below are the same exact screen, but one is generated by yarn web (the visible one), while the other is the one from expo build:web. As you can see from the inspector, there is that subheader (and every other piece of page), but it’s not visible.

No error is thrown on the console.

Anyone has any idea of what is going on?

(had to upload this separately because I’m too new)