[expo-web-browser] Clear authSession for expo-web-browser

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  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(iOSl):

Hi all!

Seems as there is an issue with expo-web-browser dismissing session.
Currently I am using WebBrowser.openAuthSessionAsync(authUrl, redirectUrl); to allow users to input their login credentials. When user click ‘sign out’ then dismissAuthSession is called. The problem is that user doesn’t see login form when he clicks login button again.

It looks like expo expo-web-browser saves token/cookies and uses them all the time.

Same goes for expo-auth-session

Is the any way to clear those data to provide ability for a user to log in into different accounts ?

link to github issue [expo-web-browser] Clear authSession for expo-web-browser · Issue #10982 · expo/expo · GitHub

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