expo vector icons not loading after build .apk

Hi Team,

Till yesterday my app is working fine and .apk and .ipa build properly without any issues.

from morning onwards my app loading without vector icons… locally it’s loading properly but after building.apk it’s not loading vector icons

Hey @praveenjse,

Can you share what SDK version you are using?


@adamjnav, Thanks for giving reply.

I was used 33 earlier by mistake some one from my team updated to sdk 34 then started issues.

After long time spent then we have realized so we have reverted back to 33 now started working properly.

Between one question why upgrade broken my icons.


It likely is a result in the changing of imports and how packages are handled. In SDK34, most packages are completely removed from the Expo scope and have been siloed into their own packages. For instance, the Asset module is now imported from the expo-asset package. You’ll need to run expo install commands for each separate package you use in SDK34+. Ie: expo install expo-asset

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