Expo uses old code even though new code has been deployed

I have a react-native app that is using Expo.

In the beginning of the project I pushed some code to the default publishing channel that was never intended to be used in production.

Since then I have released dozens of versions to production and mostly all works as expected. (New installs gets the latest JS code) However, a few users still gets old versions of the code, even though they literally just downloaded the app from App Store / Google Play.

This is extremely frustrating. How can I make sure that fresh downloads of the app will download the correct/latest version och my JS?

Note that this is not related to the app detecting new code that might be available for download. It is the fact that the wrong code is downloaded and used to begin with. Is there any way to remove all JS-code except the very last version that I published? I imagine that would solve my issue

Hi @flexysun - sorry this has been frustrating :disappointed: Thanks for the report, I was not aware of this issue before. We’re tracking it here https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2424 and will hope to have a fix out soon.

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