expo-updates requirements

I followed the expo-update installations and managed to get it successfully build and publish. Then, I get an apk and installed on a phone. Then, I changed some UIs and “expo publish” with the same release channel from the apk from the phone. I saw that the “publish complete” and Manifest, JS bundles uploading is also successful.

However, I don’t see anything in my project on the expo website (Log In — Expo). Moreover, what is more frustrating is that the app installed with apk doesn’t seem to get the updates even after waiting for an hour. Is there anything I can check where is broken?

I can share the URL of the release if needed…


I managed to get it working! :smiley:

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One feature I would like to request would be analytics for the updates in the dashboard such as how many users are on which release channel and how many of them are using which versions. :smiley:

You can post feature requests here:

However, in iOS release mode, I found something very strange and if I follow the instructions from the official docs, the app crashed upon launch.

I put this under “Bundle React Native code and images” build phases but not working…
node --print "require.resolve('expo-updates/package.json').slice(0, -13) + '../node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/create-manifest-ios.sh'"

Then, I found a similar scrip from an article and it is working:
export NODE_BINARY=node ../node_modules/react-native/scripts/react-native-xcode.sh ../node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/create-manifest-ios.sh

Sorry, I am not an iOS native developer and have no idea actually. Do you guys know what is the difference and why the second one would work? Thanks.