Expo update to 32, expo build:android wont update OTA

I was using expo 28, i kept updating my application via expo build:android, everything worked out fine. Users could get the OTA update.
Now i have updated to expo 32 (and all the packages to their latest applicable version).
expo build:android does not update users app. Can someome assist me on this? kindly note i am not using PlayStore, just OTA updates.

Edit: after reading related posts, i have concluded that this is due i`ve changed the app.json sdkVersion from 28 to 32. The question now is : I have to inform my users that they have to delete their app and install the latest apk ? Or are there any other alternatives ?

Thank you in advance

Hey @mits,

To utilize OTA updates you want to be using expo publish rather than expo build every time. You only want to use build when you upgrade SDK versions or make a change that can not be performed via on OTA update. You can read about these limitations here.

When you publish new JS bundles, it will detect what SDK version it is for and only rollout to users running your app with a compatible SDK version. Look at this flow chart for a better understanding of this.

It sounds like you’re trying to upgrade your app to SDK32 so you’ll need to build a new binary and submit it to the Play Store. When you publish, users running the SDK28 version will not get the updates because it contains new code that could break the existing app.


Thank you very much @adamjnav :slight_smile:

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Happy to help!

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