Expo universal links in ios and android not redirecting to app stores if app is not installed.

Please provide the following:

  1. Platforms : iOS and Android
  2. Universal and Deeplink in ios and android

I have implemented universal link(ios) and deep link(android) in my expo project.
I want to create a link which redirects users to app stores when the app is not installed and if installed directly to app. So that my users can invite other users to app with some referal code.
I have followed all steps which are there in documentaion and also setup my server accordingly.
So that android and ios can verify them.
Right now if the app is installed in ios device then the the link is working but if the app is not installed the link is not taking users to app store.

please help me in solving this issue.


This isn’t a universal link issue, you need to set up the webpage that your universal link goes to (if the app isn’t installed) to then redirect to the proper app store listing

Hey @charliecruzan
can you please guide us how to setup this webpage as we have to manage it for both iOS and android store ?

This depends on what you’re using for your website, I recommend you do some searching around on Google.

Basically all you need is the App Store or Play Store listing. When a user visits the page, detect if they are on an android device → redirect to play store
If on iOS device → redirect to app store

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