Expo to create a samsung TV app?

Is this possible?

By the way, you should switch to the “0.64” version of the documentation if you’re using Expo SDK 43 or 44, although this page looks like it’s the same in 0.64 and 0.66.

Based on the documentation it looks like all you need to do in terms of the Expo side of things is this:

  <!-- Add custom banner image to display as Android TV launcher icon -->
      <!-- Needed to properly create a launch intent when running on Android TV -->
      <category android:name="android.intent.category.LEANBACK_LAUNCHER"/>

This can be done with a config plugin that uses withAndroidManifest.

Interesting. So the samsung tv app will just use the android build?

hmmm… I’m not sure.

Apparently Samsung TVs do not run Android, so maybe not. Maybe you can still run Android apps on them, though :man_shrugging: