Expo Three Asset Issue

I’m attempting to load a .png as a texture in expo three. The following code works perfectly on iOS and also on Android until I build the .apk … if I go to the published file on my expo page, the app works fine, but when I go into the AR view on the .apk, the satellites appear as black boxes and the app crashes. Any idea why this might be?

const yellowSat = require("…/…/assets/img/yellow_sat.png");

const satMaterialLit = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({
  map: await ExpoTHREE.loadTextureAsync({
    asset: Expo.Asset.fromModule(yellowSat),
  transparent: true

AR isn’t supported on Android yet https://github.com/expo/expo/pull/2780

It’s strange because I’ve been using Three.js with ExpoTHREE for about a year now on Android without issue and the published version works fine for loading these assets. My app doesn’t make use of AR Core, if that’s what you are referring to. If it wasn’t supported at all, wouldn’t it fail no matter the method of bundling the app? Is there a legacy method I should be using to do this?

Also, recently, any time I try to load ExpoTHREE on Android with Expokit as an .apk (not published or served with the CLI, those work), it completely crashes without any error. I haven’t been able to trace it.

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