Expo taskmanager with locations can't post info in a blocked cellphone

Hey guys, i would love to know if you can actually track a user in a locked phone.
I’m making a taxi app and i want to get the driver’s info and post it to firebase, but for some reason the taskmanager “store” the data that it should be uploading, and when you unlock your phone AND get into the app, because the background locations doesn’t send the info neither. it starts to send every info it got, so instead of one whole firebase set, it starts to make all the steps that the location api recorded.
Please if someone could help me i would love that <3 :'v

You mean you want to get location information in the background?

@taeeh I do get the info but my app will only upload the info to the database until you get back to the app, if you have the app on the foreground or you phone locked the data will never get to the database.

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