expo start doesn't working now

When I run the expo project using expo start --web, it failed to start.
It says the 19000 port is already started.

So I’ve checked the .expo/packager-info.json.
From there, I can see the expoServerPort and packagerPort are same as 19000.
“devToolsPort”: 19002,
“expoServerPort”: 19000,
“packagerPort”: 19000,
“packagerPid”: 89533

Guys, pls let me know what is issue on my side.
I’m running the expo project in the following environment.
node: 12.18.0
os: macOS

Hey @alextim1218, the packager-info config shouldn’t be an issue. Can you ensure that no other processes are running on that port (like possibly another expo project)? You can list the currently active ports by running the cmd sudo lsof -PiTCP -sTCP:LISTEN.


Hi @adamjnav
Thanks for the replying.
I did as you said. but there is no processes are running.


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