expo start command publishes to a expo server


Last night as I was getting familiar with react native, I was facing the issues where my iPhone could not talk to my local PC server (tried set IP and opening the ports via the windows firewall).

As a workaround, I stumbled on expo, and right out of the gate, the expo install and expo start command that appeared to upload my files to this URL and IT Worked! Instead of default to my local ip address, it defaulted to this URL below which looks like a hosted server:


But when I started again this morning, it now defaults back to my local 192.168.x.x IP address.

My question is, What is this j6-5su domain and why did it work? And how can I get it back? Any ideas.


nevermind, I figured it out. “exp start -m” works.
Thanks all.

Glad you got it figured out!

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