expo start BUT do not have node_modules

Dear sirs,

I am following course from time 22:20 to
at 23:52 I cannot set any initial configuration to edit “name” or “slug” , i consider it is because the expo version i installed is higher than the video course.

at 24:45 expo start ( I am failure at this stage because, “no node_modules” directory found as below image.

I have also followed the instruction to input the chown… coding but actually no such directory

FChan-MacBook-Pro-2:~ fchanmacbookpro2$ sudo chown -R 501:20 "Users/fachanmacbookpro2/.npm"
chown: Users/fachanmacbookpro2/.npm: No such file or directory

Please do help me to fix my error because I wish to go on my studying from the video course.

Thanks indeed



You should run the chown command mentioned in the error message again, but without the typos :wink:
Then run npm install
(Not npm install node_modules)

Then run expo start

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