Expo sqlite use existing database I provide

I posted this on stack but I haven’t got any answers so posting here also:
According to the expo sqlite documentation for react-native I can initialize a db like so:

`const db = SQLite.openDatabase('db.db');`

This works and I can update the db like so:

update() {
db.transaction(tx => {
select * from items where done = ?;,
[this.props.done ? 1 : 0],
(_, { rows: { _array } }) => this.setState({ items: _array })

From my limited understanding this creates a database in the device. And then it’s manipulated keeping all the db local.

I have a database with all the necessary tables already setup. How can I have it use the current database I already have setup?

For example: (not correct syntax)

`const db = SQLite.openDatabaseIShipWithApp('mypath/mydb.db');`

I couldn’t find any documentation to help me with this. The only reason I mention the above is because I already have the db with the tables and data.

Any help would be appreciated!

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