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Ive building an app using Expo, and plan to make my app available on iOS and Android platforms.

I have made my landscape only by modifiying the json. I have a question regarding the splash image. As my app is landscape only, what size is recommended for the splash.png image I should create?

Any idea anyone?

I guess similar recommendations as if it were portrait just swapping the width and height.

If it’s a centred icon a square image where width and height match the widest phones and splash.resizeMode is contain is most likely best.

If you want to use cover instead set the height at a large enough amount to deal with the widest phones. And width large enough for the tallest phones.

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines list the static launch image sizes. I’ll go with 1242 pixels wide and 2436 pixels tall – this is the width of the iPhone 8 Plus (the widest iPhone) and the height of the iPhone X (the tallest iPhone)

From the expo splash screen docs the above is noted. So just swap the width and height as recommended there.

Ok so I did what you said but have a small issue.

The splash screen shows up in potrait, and then my app flips to landscape.

How can I make the splash also show in landscape?

@tobias_gray Here is a link to my iOS app testflight

Any idea how to fix? I have set my app as landscape in my app.json but the splash has issues.

Anyone have any idea? I really want to release my app and this is the final issue delaying me

Can anyone from the Expo team help please? Its just this 1 issue im having everything else seems fine…

Please can anyone help? Its the only issue I have

Can anyone help please?

if you run expo init, create a blank project and set the app to landscape in app.json, then run a build, you will see this: video link

if you then swap the splash image out with one where you change the width for the height in the originally provided splash image, for example this:

and then run a build with that, you will see this: video link

Do I need to create a new project? I already set the app to landscape in my app.json

you do not need to, no. but if you can provide a reproducible example of a project where this happens (source code, with minimal extra code associated) then please do. i don’t know what is happening in the case of your app

you could also share a video of what you are observing

Ok I will send you it

Do you have github maybe? So I can add you to my repo

brentvatne on github

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