Expo-Splash-Screen preventAutoHideAsync() renders null on Android Build

New Expo-Splash-Screen with SDK 38 renders null on expo build:android. Splash screen only work in App.tsx so for to be able to use some redux depended state (from connected below container) my workout is like below code. It is working fine on even builded ios version, on development and production (–no-dev) except builded android apk or abb.

When build for Android. preventAutoHideAsync() make app renders nothing, returns null; my providers and app container not mounted and hideAsync() not working. App is stoped on Splash screen.

Older splash screen api my workout worked fine with this use case. But with Expo-Splash-Screen 0.3.1 it has changed. I tried it on expo-cli 3.21.13 and below but didnt changed anything.

In new docs says SplashScreen.preventAutoHideAsync() in component that initially renders null

Is this a bug or splash screen’s new expected behaviour? If it is expected then why it is only differ on Android build and work any other start and build conditions?

const app = () => {

    useEffect(() => {
        if (!appReady) {
        } else {
    }, [appReady, dataError]);

    return (
                <Provider store={store}>
                    <AppContainer {...{ someStates }} />

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