Expo Speech onPause and onResume are not fired when paused or resumed

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  1. SDK Version: ~46.0.9
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
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    I set onPause and onResume callback as an option when calling Speech.speak to speak text.
    Although pausing and resuming speaking works totally fine, but the callbacks I give to speak function arent fired.

Does anyone know there is a known issue or how to fix it?

I set like this:

const speak = () => {
    Speech.speak(text, {
        onPause: ev => console.log('PAUSED!', ev),
        onResume: ev => console.log('RESUMED! ', ev),

// pass the above to button like
<Button title="speak" onPress={speak} />
<Button title="pause" onPress={pauseFunc} />
<Button title="resume" onPress={resumeFunc} />

Nothing is logged in console…

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