expo speech is free?

Is there any limit or any associated cost?

Hey @altagranem, yes it is an open-source library. You can view the licensing info in the library’s package.json file: https://github.com/expo/expo/blob/fa8766af4dece4dfa3e0ccadc7889c1020ee4908/packages/expo-speech/package.json#L33

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Thank you for answering, so there are no hidden costs even though it generates a lot of audio? or other services such as google, I am not very clear how the audios are generated… thanks

It’s a library that gives an API that gives the ability to utilize Text-to-speech functionality in your app and not a service. The functionality of Text-to-speech in itself is a native feature provided by Android and iOS operating systems. For example, you can read more about this feature on iOS here: Speech synthesis | Apple Developer Documentation and for Android here: TextToSpeech  |  Android Developers.


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