expo-sms^8.0.0 stopped working on iOS 15

  1. SDK Version: not installed at the project
  2. Platforms: iOS 15.2.1
  3. React-native: 0.61.5

I am using expo-sms^8.0.0 with the react-native-unimodules setup.

As of the update to iOS 15 users are no longer able to send SMS via the app. Can’t find any related information on the iOS changelog.
I am using the bare react-native setup. Are there any changes that caused this behavior?

Maybe anyone has any suggestions?

Well for what’s it worth I know that react-native-unimodules is actually deprecated, as of SDK 43, maybe you need to start there?

which suggests you to use :

Thanks for the suggestions.

I will have a look, but there should be a deprecation message, or something similar, but what I get is:

“Error: Different SMS sending in progress. Await the old request and then try again.” as a result of the “await SMS.sendSMSAsync(, body)”

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