expo site inaccessible to me

hi there
whenever i try to access the expo docs or forums from my macbook i get “this site cannot be reached “
and have done for over a week ( o can only post this vis my phone )
it’s really awkward trying to find what i need from the docs on a phone
there’s no issue with my connectivity or isp it’s only the expo domain that is rejected
could this be something to do with how expo tunnels ?

would appreciate a way to resolve this


The expo docs etc. have moved from *.io to *.dev.

In the past there were certain development tools that misused .dev for a development environment.
You likely have one of those installed.

See Introducing: expo.dev. Today we’re announcing the transition… | by Juwan Wheatley | Jul, 2021 | Exposition


Hey @samseed, are you using any network add-ons such as Cloudflare’s

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