Expo showing "http" logs after sdk 31 update.


Basically my console is flooded with messages like the one below and it’s very hard to actually debug with all this useless information. How do I remove that?

::ffff: - - [05/Nov/2018:11:22:33 +0000] “GET /assets/node_modules/react-native-check-box/img/ic_check_box@2x.png?platform=ios&hash=5d3b135d5214e780d63b968d2ade7240 HTTP/1.1” 200 - “-” “Expo/ CFNetwork/974.2.1 Darwin/18.0.0”


We know about this issue. We’ll be fixing it in near future.

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Good to hear that, thank you.


@jakubste is there any temporary way to hide these? or in what file are these generated so i can figure something out?

i am facing the same issue… please give a notice when the issue has been fixed

It is fixed for me, using expo 31.0.2 . I don’t remember if the version fixed it or I did something else but it’s been 5 days since that.

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