Expo Sharing or Expo Intent - Sent string

  await Sharing.shareAsync(cUri, { // how to sent not uri but just string
    mimeType: "hui/string",
    dialogTitle: "dsfsdefsgdfrgdgrdgfrdg"
  IntentLauncher.startActivityAsync('action.DATA', {
    type: "text/json",
    data: content,
    flags: 1,

How to send string from expo?

Ok, I got it

await IntentLauncher.startActivityAsync("SOME_ACTION", {
type: "text/simple",
extra: {
"someExtra": "some text"

and in native JAVA:
Serializable extra = intent.getSerializableExtra("someExtra);```
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Ah, I see you’ve found IntentLauncher :slight_smile:

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