Expo services are not working in UAE

Expo /Expo Go / expo.host / notification … these services are not running in UAE region.

Hi @asmezher,

It’s possible that your network service provider might be blocking access.
We had a similar issue a while back from another developer from UAE region, see this GitHub issue: Unable to reach Expo servers. Falling back to using the cached dependency map (bundledNativeModules.json) from the package "expo" installed in your project. · Issue #18701 · expo/expo · GitHub. In there case, they had to contact their network provider.

I’d suggest using a VPN and let us know if you can access the expo.dev or not using it.

Thank you for your response.
Actually using VPN it’s running normally.
But this issue is reported from all app users in UAE, as its blocking some functionalities.

Can you elaborate a little bit on that?

In app loading screen, I’m checking some features (Like : notification), and as it’s not accessible the app showing an error.
not in development (In production).
So now I’m building a new Android / IOS app versions (which is strange because I can build - but I can’t download).
So I’m building the app using my network, then using VPN to download it.
I hope I explained the situation.

Yeah, that makes sense.
It looks like some specific Expo APIs might be blocked by the network provider.

Yes it’s like this,
Is there any solutions for this?
as even metro bundler is not working

Other than using a VPN, there isn’t something we can do from our end. I’d suggest keeping track of the GitHub issue link I shared earlier or asking other developers in that issue who faced the same problem on how their workflow looks like.

you can avoid the notifications by managing it yourself. There’s no specific reason for you to use Expo services for that (aside from convenience)

You can turn of updates, this will mean you can only push updates using a store deployment unless you run your own update server.

The only thing you’d need to use VPN is to do the EAS build because they force it even if you’re using local plugin.

Sure that’s what I’m doing now.
As a result I found that’s it’s blocked by Etisalat only.
I already submitted a request to whitelist and I think you can submit from your side also and explain better. https://www.etisalat.ae/proxy.html

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Just an update regarding this - After submitting the form and following up with them it’s waitlisted.

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Do you mean you’re on a waiting list? Or that it’s whitelisted? :slight_smile:

No, it’s whitelisted :joy::joy: and everything is working perfectly

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