expo-server-sdk delete unread push notifications

SDK: expo-server-sdk

  1. SDK Version: ^3.3.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android + iOS

After ready a message on WhatsApp from the web client, it deletes the push notifications if they were on mobile.

Does expo-server-sdk have this functionality? To delete unread push notifications?

afaik you can’t claw back a notification via your server directly, you need to handle that on the device by syncing with your own backend in your app and then dismissing the notification with the client side notifications api

Oh thank you this is very interesting! Client side api will only work while app is running is that correct? (i was hoping for it work even if my app was not booted but a notification was sitting around) Ill start my research on it just asking you while I got you.

you could potentially use BackgroundFetch to poll when the app is closed as well

Thank you I will look into this and share what I do!

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