Expo server down?


I try to test on expo but I have this issue: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


Same here, can’t reach the Expo servers.

Hi there, our push notification service is currently under very high load, which has resulted in an outage for the iOS push notification services and degraded performance for the other services such as the website. We’re working on a fix and will post updates at https://status.expo.io.

Thank you @fson for the resolution :+1:

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@fson I had strange issue with expo standalone apps. When your servers were down I couldn’t make any request to my backend from mobile app. Every request was ending with error. Is there some sort of prerequest connection to expo servers for log collecting? When you fixed problem with expo server my apps were fine again…


I had same issue in my production app as @mradziwon314


We are working hard to make sure our push notification servers go down less frequently.

@fson @jimmylee can you explain why push notification servers breaking down all production application, and how to avoid this? Every request was ending with error and all our clients can’t use application

At 3 AM pacific time we received an increased volume of requests for push notifications. Because of how tightly integrated all of our services are, this abnormality brought everything down with it.

@Veha we have been working on a solution and we are close to deploying it that will prevent this case from happening again.

On behalf of the team, I’m sorry about the inconvenience you experienced.

Thank you for a reply and hard work :+1:

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Thank you for those kind words @veha, a lot of credit goes to the team, who are working around the clock and waking up the middle of their sleep to make sure that things get better.

We really appreciate everyone here using Expo, please continue to let us know your concerns. Or request features at https://expo.canny.io

@jimmylee, @fson hanks for hard work. My problem in standalone app was connected to making request for Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync.

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