Expo SDK 48 minor React Native update

I recently updated my app to Expo SDK 48, we created a release candidate build, deployed to the internal testing areas of the stores and passed regression testing. Two days later we came back to create the production version of the binaries for store release. Expo doctor showed that the @react-native-firebase was using an old version of expo-config, and that a react native patch update from 0.71.6 to 0.71.7 and expo-splash-screen patch update from 0.18.1 to 0.18.2. The binary build works, but the resulting binaries both display a javascript error on load.
( Unexpected error occurred, Failed to call into JavaScript module method RCTDeviceEventEmitter.emit(). Module has not been registered as callable. Bridgeless Mode: false. Registered callable Javascript modules ( n = 0 ): . A frequent cause of the error is that the application entry file path is incorrect. This can also happen when the JS bundle is corrupt or there is an early initialization error when loading React Native )
No code changes were made, we need to update the binary to assure the API URL is defaulted correctly for out customers. This feels like a cache issue … but I can’t figure out a way to force that.

We couldn’t find the error being thrown by the required react native 0.71.6 to 0.71.7, but we did find the prebuildCommand configuration for the eas build configuration … we told react-native to not update, and got a functioning binary to deploy.

"production": {
   "extends": "__release__",
   "prebuildCommand": "npx expo prebuild --skip-dependency-update react-native,react,expo"

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