Expo SDK 36 Facebook Login and TestFlight redirects back to Expo


I am currently trying to use Expo Facebook login with Expo SDK 36 but I am have issues when running the app on TestFlight.

I am requesting page_show_list,instagram_basic,instagram_manage_insights permissions via expo facebook login. I had to use a custom client expo to get the permissions and redirect back to the expo app to work. The app works on the simulator and on a physical device.

My problem is, when I run the app on TestFlight and log in via facebook I am redirected back to expo and not my TestFlight app.

my app.json is as follows

“expo”: {
“name”: “App Mobile Test”,
“slug”: “test-app-mobile”,
“privacy”: “unlisted”,
“platforms”: [“ios”, “android”, “web”],
“facebookScheme”: “fb18634xxxxx”,
“facebookDisplayName”: “appmobiletest”,
“facebookAppId”: “18634xxxxxxx”,
“scheme”: “com.Mobile.tester1234”,
“version”: “1.0.1”,

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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