Expo ScreenCapture

Is the screen capture listener supposed to work on iOS simulators ? Because I have tried it but it doesn’t seem to trigger the alert. Am I missing something ?

I am using the example function from the documentation

“react-native”: “0.63.3”
“expo”: “^39.0.0”

It does work on a simulator (just tested it), but you have to trigger an actual iOS screenshot, the Save screen option will not work.

Here’s where to trigger a screenshot from:

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 20.09.31

I don’t have the same option as you, am I missing something ? The “New Screen Shot” doesn’t trigger anything.

what xcode version do you have?

10.2.1 . Could be that… I will try it on a real iOS device too. It works on my android phone so it should be the same case with a real iOS.

However I used a screen recorder application and used it while opening up my app in my android device, but it didn’t trigger anything. Do you know if it’s possible to trigger the event if using another app such as this screen recorder?

you can prevent screen recording, including from third party apps on android, with this method, but there’s no “did screen recording begin” event listener

Okey I see.
I actually tried the third party app on Snapchat yesterday and it seems that the screenshot listener aren’t triggered when using that.

It will be enough to use a Screenshot warning for iOS and Android for my project. Thank you for the help and information!