Expo-Screen-Orientation LockAsync Not Working with iOS iPad Landscape Mode

Expo@44.0.0 - Bare Workflow

On all iOS iPad devices, the orientation will not lock to landscape. Phones will lock to any orientation. This line of code “await ScreenOrientation.lockAsync(ScreenOrientation.OrientationLock.LANDSCAPE_LEFT);” is at the root of the application. I’ve uninstalled the package, then reinstalled and did the pod install command in the “./ios” folder and still nothing. For background, the app is supposed to lock to portrait for phones, and then lock to landscape for tablets. Getting this bug fixed is mission critical for delivering the product.

I’ve been seeing that this has been a problem and I’ve followed previous recommended steps. app.json has “‘orientation’: ‘landscape’” AND “‘requireFullScreen’: true” and iPads won’t lock to landscape. I appreciate all of your support on the matter. Thanks in advance

Developed On:
Mac Mini macOSMonterey Version 12.3

Tested On:
iOS Simulator - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th Generation), iPad mini (6th Generation)

Hello, I have the same issue on Iphone SE, and cannot LOCK the screen when navigating from one screen that must be in protrait mode to another one that must be in landscape mode.

Did you guys managed to solve this problem ?

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