"Expo requires an internet connection" message

Is there any way to customise this message, so that customers don’t see “Expo requires an internet connection” and instead ${appname} requires an internet connection?

I’ve seen this in a standalone build not just the Expo client - it would be better if we could remove confusing references to Expo.

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What steps are you taking to produce this message in a standalone app? And is this iOS or Android? Seems like a bug.

Production Expo apps don’t require an internet connection for the most part.

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This was on Android, SDK24, and happened when first opening the app.

I did get a Sentry report which makes it look like a transient DNS / network error at startup (accessing d1wp6m56sqw74a.cloudfront.net).

I guess we can expect this to happen so a non-Expo error message would be much better.

I see this message in the Sentry logs as well:

There was an error caching assets (see: main.js), perhaps due to a network timeout, so we skipped caching. Reload the app to try again.

Thanks a lot

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