Expo request permission for location restarts and crashes standalone app(Android)

Now I am developing an application for android. During the development process everything was working fine. Then I decided to build it for Android and first I received my apk, then I made my bundle. Unfortunately, when I started my app everything started fine but on trying to reach a screen, where I request location permission my app restarted and then crashes everytime when I am redirected to this page. Firstly I thought that this was because of some firebase issues but later I found my exact problem on stack overflow and I understood that the problem is in requesting location. I found a relative topic on your forum but I saw only that the problem is solved but I didn’t find the exact solution. I don’t need to show you my code because it is the same as on expo.io request location.

Could you point to the stackoverflow question and the one on the Expo forums?

Also you might want to set up Sentry so that you can see exactly what caused the crash.

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