Expo Release Channel Set to new channel

Expo CLI 3.9.1 environment info:
      OS: Linux 4.4 Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
      Shell: 4.4.19 - /bin/bash
      Node: 10.16.3 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.3/bin/node
      Yarn: 1.19.2 - ~/.yarn/bin/yarn
      npm: 6.9.0 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.3/bin/npm
      expo: ^35.0.0 => 35.0.1 
      react: 16.11.0 => 16.11.0 
      react-native: https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-35.0.0.tar.gz => 0.59.8 
      react-navigation: ^4.0.10 => 4.0.10 
      expo-cli: 3.9.1

I’ve build an apk of my app and in the expo build I added a --release-channel test-android to my build as I wanted to test everything was good before rolling out to my prod environment.
Well, all checked out good, so did expo publish:set --publish-id xxxx --release-channel prod-android

That went well…however, the app is still somehow pulling the release-channel of test-android…i get my url on which back-end to hit based on the release-channel…if it includes test it points to test env, prod it points to prod.

Even though I set the release-channel to prod-android…the apk is still pointing to test :frowning:

How long should this take…or did i do something wrong?

I’m guessing that a built bundle (apk or ipa) is tied to a release-channel…is this correct?

As far as I understand it, yes. I don’t think you can change the channel of an existing built app. You can however change the channel of a published JavaScript bundle.

So you’d need to build a new app binary. You could use the --no-publish flag when building and then promote the bundle deployed to the test-android to prod-android.

Michael is correct, the production url is baked into the binary at the time of the build so you’d have to create a new one to make sure it uses the proper release channel url.

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