Expo React Native IOS TestFlight. (Errors occurred in the app thinning process)

When I try to deploy my application on the Apple test flight I get this email from apple.

While processing your iOS app, xxxxxxx 1.0.149(1), errors occurred in the app thinning process, and your app couldn’t be thinned. If your app contains bitcode, bitcode processing may have failed. Because of these errors, this build of your app will not be able to be submitted for review or placed on the App Store. For information that may help resolve this issue, see Tech Note 2432.

But the problem was I did deploy this application day before without any issues using Transporter. I spend more than 20hr searching for answers for this issue but had no luck.

Can someone guide me on this issue?


Hi @sivarasan

It looks like a few people are having this problem. Someone on the following thread says that switching to EAS Build fixed the problem:

We’ve received several reports of developers affected by this. We believe there was a recent breaking change with how the App Store processes builds. We are tracking this issue and communicating updates here: Expo Status - App Store rejecting Classic Build iOS submissions with an app thinning error.