Expo Push Notifications > 100 per send

I am using Firebase as my backend database and have a function that sends push notifications to the expo push server. This has worked fine; however, now that we have over 100 users, it appears that the push notifications are no longer being sent. So I have a few questions.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of messages sent at one time? I think I read somewhere that 100 is the limit for a single ‘send’.
  2. If this is the case, has anyone written a function for Firebase that breaks up the send into smaller chucks?
  3. If this is not the case, are there any clues I can look for in determining why my push notifications are not going through? Logging (at least on Firebase) simply shows ‘Ok’ that the function correctly ran and sent the messages to Expo.

Yea the limit is 100 per http request. Just split your array into sub array batches of 100 and loop through those.

You should check the tickets and receipts of each individual ID, not the status of the http request, and you may get better information on the error you are having.

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Our push notifications guide answers a few of these questions. We also provide a server library in node that takes care of a few things for you like throttling your HTTP requests

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