Expo push notification not working in other devices

  1. SDK Version: 40
  2. Platform: Android

The push notification is only working in development mode in development device it’s not working in development mode (usb yarn react-n run-android) in other device… (fcm setted) after I build using bundleRelease (eject) and published to playstore. it’s not working could I set as production in google console or expo console ? where ? I’m testing with insomnia (exp.host/–/api/v2/push/send) and it’s ok in development, but not in other devices and production , why working in one device and not in others device in test ? I see the exponent push generated after install as well.

OBS: I’m refreshing the new tokens after install the app again…

I recently tried:

I generated the .apk and try in another device but not worked just in my development device

// Notifications.setNotificationHandler(null); //tried as well

handleNotification: async () => {
return {
shouldShowAlert: true,
shouldPlaySound: true,
shouldSetBadge: false,

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