Expo publish not working Apple 2FA

Hello, I can not seem to upload a build of my app to the app store.
All I see when I run expo publish:ios is a prompt for my usernaname and password and then I see this
[01:51:34] Ensuring the app exists on App Store Connect, this may take a while…

after which my phone/laptop buzzes and i see a photo telling me someone is attempting to sign into my account and I should use the given password. But expo doesn’t prompt me to enter the password…It just remains there. Typing in the password and pressing enter also does not work. I recently upgraded my expo-cli but it’s still happening even after rebuilding with the new expo-cli.

Need help ASAP

expo-cli 2.7.1
mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

Finaly got it to work after running expo build:ios -c and entering the 2FA and then uploading. Note: My the expo build:ios failed with an error about having a duplicate provisioning profile. That didn’t seem to cause much issues though.

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Glad you got it resolved and thanks for sharing the solution with us!

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