Expo publish not updating App or play store buildds

This is my first production project using Expo. I followed the Expo documentation to develop and build my App and it has been approved and is on the App store.

This is a conference App for a conference which starts tomorrow (6th Aug) so I would really appreciate some help here.

My two questions are …

  1. Why Expo publish is not updating my App OTA for changes to my update layer
  2. if I make changes to the App.json file, does that require a new binary build and submission to the App store.
    My App.json file is below (nb I have replaced the sensitive values with xxx for the purpose of security)

“expo”: {
“name”: “New Horizon”,
“slug”: “newhorizon”,
“owner”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“version”: “1.0.1”,
“orientation”: “portrait”,
“icon”: “./assets/nhlogo.png”,
“userInterfaceStyle”: “light”,
“splash”: {
“image”: “./assets/splash.png”,
“resizeMode”: “contain”,
“backgroundColor”: “#000000
“updates”: {
“enabled”: true,
“checkAutomatically”: “ON_LOAD”,
“fallbackToCacheTimeout”: 0,
“url”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”
“assetBundlePatterns”: [
“ios”: {
“supportsTablet”: false,
“bundleIdentifier”: “xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx”
“android”: {
“adaptiveIcon”: {
“foregroundImage”: “./assets/nhlogo_adaptive.png”,
“backgroundColor”: “#ffffff
“googleServicesFile”: “./google-services.json”,
“package”: “xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxx”,
“versionCode”: 1
“web”: {
“favicon”: “./assets/favicon.png”
“runtimeVersion”: {
“policy”: “sdkVersion”