Expo Publish effected the Apps on Google and App Store

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS)

I am not sure whether this is the bug or feature or whatever it is, but this issue has cost me a lot. Yesterday we are working on the App made with Expo SDK.

We did expo publish in order to share the App between our team just to test. But what happened is expo publish also affected our Apps in the play store. While we did not update the app on the play store.

I want to understand what can be the possible reason. Why expo publish command affected the apps that were published 4-5 months back?

That is exactly what this command is supposed to do, it sends OTA updates to already build apk/ipa

If you want to maintain multiple builds e.g. for staging and development you should use release channels

btw when you run expo build it also triggers expo publish internally

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