Expo Publish by mistake, overwritten playstore listing

Previously up until now I have created standalone builds for my application and uploaded them to the play store / App Store manually.

However, I have accidentally ran expo publish and an unwanted update is now on release.

How can I unpublish these changes and roll back to the ones on the App Store / play store?

You can do this with expo publish:rollback or publish again old code

Note that when you are using expo build then publish is also executed internally, but if you are using eas build then it does not happen.

If I was to re upload to the play console with a new app version would this overwrite the expo publish?


  • if you are using classic builds then just running build will publish new update and it will affect apps in store and installed on user devices
  • if you build using eas and upload it to the store that version won’t be affected by the previous publish, but older version of the app (already installed on user devices) will still have that update
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Previously I have run eas build to create the APKs and the IPA’s. I have then uploaded these manually to the store.

I stupidly and accidentally ran expo publish which then distributed a broken build to the users.

If I run eas build to create new APKs and IPA’s, then publish that to the stores, if my users update will they then be in sync with the app stores?

Would you suggest running another expo publish as well with a new version number to get those people who don’t update?

I believe I have it sorted now. Thanks for your help!