Expo Privacy, Expo Accessing Facebook

I noticed that my Expo app is accessing some facebook.com domains and an analytics domain at startup (even if standalone) .
I have found some articles online e.g. “Did You Know That Every Expo App Includes Facebook’s SDK?” that confirm that. I found no real documentation by Expo on how to disable that.
I have to disable this, because my app has to be published under the DSGVO. I really don’t want to eject my app. It also would be nice to know why Expo is doing this in the first place.


@ide replied here: https://community.hackernoon.com/t/did-you-know-that-every-expo-app-includes-facebooks-sdk/11724/5


The Facebook SDK is included for Facebook-related APIs like FB Login. If you would like to remove it entirely, you can use the bare workflow, which gives you a higher level of control over your Xcode and Android Studio projects. In managed apps, the standalone app binary includes the base set of Expo SDKs, including Facebook Login.

But I want to use Expo push notifications. Is it going to be possible to use Expo push notification in bare workflow in SDK35, because currently it isn’t. Or to disable Facebook SDK?

That combination currently isn’t supported. In SDK 36 or 37 we will look at switching some of the defaults of the Facebook SDK so that it does not initialize by default, which should meet most people’s needs.


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