expo prebuild gitignore

When running expo prebuild it updates the .gitignore file. However, after running prebuild it does not appear to ignore the ios/android folders but according to fyi/prebuilding.md at main · expo/fyi (github.com) these generated files are not meant to be modified anymore. However, they’re not ignored are they meant to be treated like the yarn.lock file and be committed to the source?

it’s up to you if you want to add those to gitignore. it’s optional.

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Why wasn’t it ignored by default then?

because some users want to run prebuild, make changes to native code and maintain native code on their own.

When we detect whether project is using managed workflow or bare we are checking only files under git, so if android/ios directories are gitignored project is detected/build as managed

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Sounds fair I will ask a more precise question for my case maybe there’s some advice on this one.

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